How did childhood transgender affirmation become the norm?

The wave of change towards gender ideology and transition has swept across America, even affecting the smallest hearts in our communities, i.e. our children. For some of our children there’s been damage—some beyond repair. The reality of that tragedy is partially rooted in the mental healthcare industry where some therapists are affirming a change in a child’s gender identity before adulthood, sometimes even before puberty. Today’s guest, Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, has styled herself as “the truthful therapist” and is here to share practical advice with listeners about the realities of gender dysfunction across American cultures.

“Therapists are being taught to immediately affirm a child’s gender without any exploration. And I…believe that a different approach is the best, which is exploring what’s going on and looking at the person as a whole. Looking at all of the issues that are happening before we affirm.  Affirming is not the best thing.” — Pamela Garfield-Jaeger

Here’s a quick recap of today’s episode:

  • Pamela tells about her experience as a mental health professional — her motivation to get a master’s degree in social work and her twenty years of subsequent experience in that field
  • How the year 2020 changed Pamela’s view of modern therapy and mental health practice and how she started writing about it from a conservative perspective
  • Melvin and Pamela discuss her curriculum for parents who want to know  how to find a good therapist and how and when parents should be involved in their child’s therapy
  • Why therapists are “cutting parents out” of their kids’ therapy — Pamela believes one of the biggest reasons is because parents have some things to say against gender ideology, while therapists are quick to affirm childrens’ gender dysphoria
  • Where did the money backing the trans movement come from? Two possible explanations, Pamela says, are Black Lives Matter and big pharma
  • How fear and lack of information has kept many people quiet about the destructiveness of trans ideology
  • What are the real reasons people suffer from “gender dysphoria”?
  • Melvin relates a story about a girl who decided to be transgender because of peer pressure and the disturbing and unintended consequences that followed
  • Pamela talks about school choice and the effects of social media. She also points out that parents have to be extremely careful about their kids’ relationship with social media and teach their children that “the pronoun game” is dangerous
  • Why building trust and love between parents and teens is the best way to ensure they don’t get carried away by harmful albeit popular  ideas

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