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Should teachers talk to children about preferred pronouns and gender identity? Are the rules of the English language white supremist in nature? 

These are just a couple of the questions that Shelbie jumps into in this week’s episode of At Home with Shelbie. She dissects the hot topics that our children are faced with everyday and shares thoughts on how those topics should be navigated in the school system. She talks about the dangers of teachers pushing their personal beliefs on children in the classroom and the boundaries that need to be set to protect our children.

“I think that we should treat LGBT teachers with respect and I think that we should keep the line at: our kids don’t need to know about your sexuality…Schools are a place of learning. There is not a place for ideology, for political discussions, for a particular group’s culture or religion to dominate the discussion and keep kids from learning.” — Shelbie

Here’s a recap:

  • Shelbie unpacks a TikTok made by a gender non-conforming teacher who is struggling with what pronouns to use in the classroom
  • Can teachers practice self-expression in a way that does not influence or indoctrinate children? Where is the line between being yourself and stepping outside the sphere of your job as a teacher?
  • Another TikTok teacher discusses what she believes is the “white supremesist” concepts language and writing was based on
  • Shelbie explains why the rules and structures of the English language were created, and why they should not be labeled racist
  • Shelbie discusses two TikToks created by teachers who use complicated pronouns and try to be “obnoxiously queer,” respectively
  • Are  “queerness” and pronouns distracting our kids from learning? Do they encourage kids to think about things they don’t need to be thinking about yet?
  • What parents can do to learn about and combat indoctrination in school—such as attending board meetings, advocating for certain policies, and showing compassion
  • Sheblie gives examples of policies your school district can adopt to restrict teachers’ abilities to bring distracting religious, political, and lifestyle choices into the classroom
  • What is school’s main purpose and how can we shift our priorities to align with that?

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