“Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono”

About Hawaii

About Hawaii

Hawaii has a Department of Education, a State Board, and a State Superintendent. The State Board consists of 11 members appointed to 3-year terms.

Education law and structure

Education law and structure

  • Education in State Constitution: Article X: Sections 1-6

  • Education in State Statutes: Title 18: Chapters 296-319

  • State Board Members: 11 Members; Appointed; 3-year term

  • Education Authorities: DoEd; State Board; State Superintendent

Education Leadership

Education leadership

  • State Governor: Josh Green

  • State Superintendent of Education: Keith T. Hayashi

  • Local school board members: Hawaii has only one school district, but it is divided up into smaller areas. The best way to influence local education in Hawaii, other than communicating to the state board of education, is to get involved with the School Community Councils.

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Education Stats And Facts

  • Hawaii is the only state to have just one public school district! Hawaii’s single school district covers 257 public schools and 37 charter schools with about 180,000 students total. There are almost 22,000 full-time school staff members and close to 13,000 teachers serving these schools.

    Students in Hawaii attend the school closest to their home, within the district boundaries. However, students may request a geographic exception if they need to attend a school outside of their district. Hawaii has 18 licensed private trade, vocational, or technical schools. Additionally, there are 136 private schools, most of which have a religious affiliation, totaling 40,360 students.

    Close to 100,000 military service members and their families live in Hawaii either temporarily or long-term. As a result, almost 11% of Hawaii’s students are from military families. With the unique challenges that military families face, the Hawaii Department of Education works with those families to make the transition process into the state’s public school system easier on kids.

    Reference: https://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/Pages/Home.aspx



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