Parental engagement is American education’s best-kept secret—and it’s one of the core principles that we talk about here at Noah Webster Educational Foundation. Join us online or in-person as NWEF president Melvin Adams hosts a panel of involved parents discussing the power that parents have to direct their children’s learning and to create change in our nation’s schools.
When: Thursday, August 19 at 7 pm EST
Where: EastLake Community Church*, 1201 Timberwood Lane, Moneta, VA 24121
Whether you’re curious about how you can get more involved in your child’s school, or you just want to be encouraged by other engaged parents, this Q&A is for you!
Have a question for the panelists? We’d love to hear from you! You can submit your question here for a chance to be featured in the live event.…/1FAIpQLSdMwFlxhenRAr…/viewform

*This event is not sponsored by EastLake Community Church

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