“When things don’t seem to be working well, how do we fix it?”

Mask mandates, vaccine requirements, gender confusion, CRT, and controversial sex education curricula—these topics are why parents and concerned citizens storm school board meetings. They are motivated by the fear that they’ll lose control of one of the most basic human rights: the right to raise and protect their children as they see fit. 

But what do you do when the government is deciding for your kids—even if it’s for the good of all? Join us online or in-person as NWEF president Melvin Adams hosts a panel of government officials who will discuss the role of government in education and how that relates to the freedoms that every American is rightly endowed with.

When: Thursday, September 16 at 7 pm EST

Where: EastLake Community Church*, 1201 Timberwood Lane, Moneta, VA 24121

Whether you’re wondering:

  • Why the government has control of education,
  • How you can push back on school mandates you don’t agree with, or 
  • How you can participate in government decisions to ensure your child has the best education possible…

This Q&A is for you!

Have a question for the panelists? We’d love to hear from you! You can submit your question here for a chance to be featured in the live event.


*This event is not sponsored by EastLake Community Church

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