Moms for Liberty representative Quisha King and Dr. Carol Swain, co-author of “Black Eye for America,” recently attended a live Fox News summit titled “MisEducation of America.”

Before the summit, King and Swain separately sat down with “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Pete Hegseth to talk about progressive ideologies seeping into classrooms.

“Parents have the right, and you don’t have to be afraid to speak against things like critical race theory,” Quisha King from Moms for Liberty shared with Hegseth. “You don’t have to be afraid to speak against things like queer theory, which is another thing that’s creeping into our schools, which is tied to these instances like we just saw in Beaverton.”

King was referring to a school in Beaverton, Oregon that is facing backlash from parents for offering a sexuality-focused club to elementary students. 

According to KOIN, a local Oregon station, parents are frustrated because they were not informed about the club prior to their kids joining. The school district contends that since the club takes place during school hours, parental approval is not necessary.

King called some of the content that schools are pushing “grooming.”

“If we saw this in any other circumstance, I think we would all say, ‘no, you can’t show these kinds of things to our 9 and 10-year-olds.’ We would want to call the police in some instances,” King said.

“Just because I send them off to camp, does that mean that I don’t get to have a say in what they’re doing when they go to camp?” asked King. “No, I have a say in everything that they do because I am their parent.”

Dr. Carol Swain, co-author of “Black Eye for America,” weighed in on a school in Fairfax County, Virginia that gave its students “privilege bingo.” The game identified males, heterosexuals, military families, and Christians as “privileged.” 

Swain called the game “disturbing.”

“It disturbs some students emotionally,” Swain told Hegseth. “Because the whole idea is, that if you are at the top of the line—you’re white, you’re privileged, now you’re military—then, you should feel some guilt about that. Because you have unearned advantages.”

“All of these critical theories with Marxist roots are destroying American education, and parents have to save their children. But they also have to work to save other people’s children,” Swain added.

While Fairfax County Public Schools has since apologized and adjusted the activity, parents are still uneasy about certain ideologies making their way into young classrooms.

“The fact that they want military kids to feel embarrassed that they are military kids, that they’re privileged, or that it’s something they shouldn’t want to be or should be ashamed of, it’s very upsetting to me,” one mother shared with a local NBC station. She served in the Army along with her husband. 

Pete Hegseth, who hosts Fox Nation’s “MisEducation of America,” explains the need for the series to RealClear Politics:

“I think protests are great. I think replacing the school board is really important. And I do think that can have an impact, but in reality, the train is already screaming down the tracks and parents trying to protest to stop it isn’t going to change the trajectory of that,” says Hegseth.

“Considering our job as parents is to prepare our kids for the world, why are we protesting at school board meetings? Shouldn’t the schools reflect the values we care about and the things that hold up our country?” Hegseth continues. “It may seem stark, but the argument we make is to leave. The public schools have failed, not just in academic standards, which is obvious, but in the formation of free thinkers. Right now they have turned into indoctrination camps.”

What do you think about this new segment, “MisEducation of America?”


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