How do we get back to what really works in the classroom? How can teachers reclaim time-tested educational methods for better results?

Progressive education isn’t working. Kids are graduating school without basic knowledge of math, reading, and history. Daniel Buck, our guest today, says it’s time for a change. Join us on this episode as we explore the weaknesses of modern instruction, how teachers can restore order to their classrooms, and how classical ideas—while old-fashioned—may be just the thing we need to save our kids and our schools.

“Little by little, I started finding that all of these things that teacher education told me didn’t work were actually what my students enjoyed the most and what was most effective and what created the most community in the classroom.” — Daniel Buck, author of What’s Wrong With Our Schools?

In this episode, Melvin and Daniel discuss:

Daniel’s newly published book, What’s Wrong With Our Schools? And what led him to writing about classical education in the first place
What does “teaching” even mean? Have we lost sight of the true purpose of teachers in public education?
Daniel explains why he thinks the old approaches to education—lecturing, memorization, and drilling—should be re-introduced
How Daniel discovered classical education after implementing progressive approaches in his own classroom and finding them unproductive
Should students be allowed to direct their own education in the way progressives would like them to?
Why human nature has a lot to do with why classical education works so well

Teachers are caught in a culture war and being pushed to indoctrinate children. How can teachers get back to their true job—educating children in facts and skills? How do we, as a society, get back to what works?

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