Are you a teacher who’s feeling isolated, overworked, and distressed about the devolution of  public school? 

Our guests today on The State of Education with Melvin Adams, are Eloise Smith and Lauren Bowen of Freedom Foundation. Following their first annual teacher’s conference, Eloise and Lauren are excited to talk about the incredible support their attendees found in coming together and learning. They also discuss the problem with teachers unions and how teachers can find their freedom, despite overwhelming pressures and aggressive ideologies. 

“How can teachers, who are a part of these ‘strong unions,’ feel so alone all the time? That’s really heartbreaking for us to hear at the Freedom Foundation, because somebody who’s doing such noble work standing up for families, standing up for kids, and going back to the future for America—how can we let them be lonely?” — Lauren Bowen, Freedom Foundation Ohio State Director 

Here’s a recap of today’s discussion with guest host, Catherine, NWEF content manager:

  • Eloise and Lauren reveal why they came out of teaching and government jobs to collaborate with Freedom Foundation in bringing resources to teachers across the country.
  • Do we need to scrap public education? What are conservatives getting wrong on this point?
  • Eliose shares her opinion that  unions like to hold onto, and even reward, bad teachers.
  • They present hard facts and statistics about how much money unions  take and what that money is funding.
  • Lauren and Eloise discuss the origins of their first annual teacher’s conference, how they funded teachers’ travel and participation, and the main ideas behind organizing the conference.
  • If unions are supposed to be partnerships, why do teachers feel so alone?
  • Lauren outlines her favorite topics and speakers from the conference and discusses the methods used by teachers’ unions to bully parents. 
  • Eloise talks about her favorite conference speakers and what they are doing to educate teachers on their rights (and the perks of leaving the union!)
  • What is the number one thing teachers can do to advocate for themselves?
  • Will there be a Freedom Foundation conference for teachers next year? Where can teachers sign up?

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