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Are history and social studies doing more harm than good these days?

America appears to have lost sight of its original values, as schools are promoting agendas and young people are becoming increasingly disheartened. Patrick Garrison, a high school teacher and the founder of The True Corrective, joins the podcast to delve into various aspects of American history and social studies. He discusses how we can initiate steps to navigate away from the prevailing ideological trends that pose a threat to the well-being of our children.

“Everything in our society—the way we function, the way we treat each other, the way we interact—is based on an understanding and acceptance of these sets of values and principles. We have to make sure that those are advanced. Unfortunately, the education system has not only stopped advancing them, but very often it intentionally tears them down.” — Patrick Garrison, founder of The True Corrective

Here’s a review of our conversation:

  • Patrick gives us a peek into his interesting background, from a Hollywood cinematography career, to his return to college for a career change, to becoming a teacher.
  • What are social studies? Patrick defines this for us and gives us an overview of what types of social studies kids are exposed to at certain ages.
  • Why our children must rely on history to show them how society functions and how they can forge paths into the future
  • Why according to him social studies is where the war for our children’s hearts and minds is being waged—and why children are on the losing end right now
  • How can we interpret history the right way? Why is it important for us to help our children see the whole picture of American history?
  • Patrick defines the three pillars of American society.
  • The public school has stopped advancing American values and principles. What does this mean for us?
  • Lastly, Patrick talks about his new social studies curriculum, how to use it for both public and homeschool students, and where parents can find it.

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