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American values are being forgotten or rejected. To reverse this trend, we need to return to our founding documents.

How can Americans maintain their freedoms? How can they prevent the loss of their rights and liberties in a country that seems determined to undermine their very identities? In this episode, we’re talking with Paul Skousen, author of The Federalist Papers Made Easier. Paul is a father of ten, journalist, and professor. Before his current career, he worked for President Reagan and in the CIA as an intelligence officer.

“To me, that’s where we begin: self-education. We reach out to family and friends and neighbors, we link arms, and we share the education. And from those gatherings come the people up into the positions of civic offices to help us start to clean this stuff up.” — Paul Skousen, author

Melvin and Paul discuss:

  • Paul’s upbringing, his father’s famous books, and how he is carrying on the legacy by finishing his father’s works and writing some of his own
  • Why education and knowledge are so important — and what the founders had to say about them
  • How we should actually read the Declaration of Independence, plus the three most important founding documents
  • Why Paul wrote his book How to Read the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence and a glimpse into how he breaks the documents down to make them accessible for beginners
  • Paul’s view of Republicans vs. Democrats, why we need both, and how imbalance can cause problems
  • Our moral foundations, how to ask the right questions, and breakdown of community
  • How we can strengthen our country through self-education

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