Title: From Grassroots to Nationasl Renewal set against picture of backs of people standing as sun breaks over the sunrise

According to Paul Skousen, for national renewal, America needs to go back, read, and live by its founding documents. But just as importantly, we need to rebuild connections between families, communities, and individuals.

What’s keeping our country from accomplishing great things? Maybe it’s because we stopped fostering community. On today’s episode, we’re finishing our conversation with author and teacher Paul Skousen. We’ll explore America’s isolationist attitude, why he believes religion is critical to a healthy nation, and how to surround yourself with a community right where you are.

“You now need to no longer trust what your kids are getting. There are great teachers out there, but they’re forced by law to teach certain things, certain ways, and a new culture is developing. You can’t ignore that anymore. Find out what the kids are hearing, reteach them truth at home, and inspire them with true stories. You can’t do it out of a vacuum. You yourself need to pick those books up…” — Paul Skousen, author

Here’s a recap:

  • Paul discusses the Bill of Rights: why it was—perhaps according to him—a mistake, and how it affected the way the government operates
  • Melvin talks about some of the grassroots movements going on in America right now
  • What are two steps everyday citizens can take to begin to create change in education?
  • How to break out of isolation and engage with friends, family, and church members
  • Should we even be trying to talk about politics and religion with the people around us? 
  • Signs that our society is broken
  • Paul talks about two vital aspects of a healthy society: acknowledging each other and having a proper worldview 
  • Why the founding fathers were a lot more farsighted than we think
  • Lastly, Paul answers the question: how can parents teach their children lessons from history in a practical way?
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