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Gender dysphoria isn’t new, but the way we deal with it has changed. So the question is, should we deal with it through therapy or medical procedures? 

Tune in this week as we talk about the repercussions of childhood gender transition with Erin Brewer, co-founder of Advocates Protecting Children. Erin has a particularly insightful perspective on transgenderism, having struggled with gender dysphoria well into her adulthood. So join us as we delve into the complex and vital conversations surrounding gender identity and our kids’ welfare. 

“In no way is it loving and kind to encourage a child to believe that they’re so flawed that they have to medicalize themselves in order to survive who they are. That is not loving, that is not kind.” — Erin Brewer, founder of Advocates Protecting Children

Here’s a recap:

  • Erin Brewer and host Catherine Kent discuss why gender issues are a problem for both conservatives and liberals 
  • Erin explains why she used to support the LGBTQ+ community—and why she decided to withdraw support after learning about the lies transgenderism pushes on children
  • As a child, Erin struggled with gender dysphoria and trauma, and she shares some of the ways she was helped through that time in her life
  • Catherine and Erin discuss their differing opinions on the right of children and adults to get transition surgery and hormones: should adults be able to have full access to it? What are the consequences on society when adults (and children) transition?
  • How therapy, supportive family, and parenthood can make people feel more comfortable in their bodies
  • Should we begin  medically transitioning children as soon as they decide they’re uncomfortable with themselves?
  • Why cross-sex hormones are not reversible and destructive to both physical and psychological functions
  • Erin explains why we should not tell children they have to become someone else just to survive, but instead give them the tools to become resilient through confusing and difficult feelings
  • The problem with Big Pharma
  • Some practical things parents can do to help their children understand gender, embrace their unique perspective on the world, and become strong individuals 

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