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Education is something we can all get behind, but we constantly disagree about it. How can we band together as parents, grandparents, and educators to help each other raise and train healthy kids?

Today we continue our conversation with NWEF president Jack Appleby. Jack has been a teacher and a principal, and now he travels the world learning from and helping international education. In this episode, he talks school boards, grandparents’ involvement in education, and practical steps parents and teachers can take to improve their relationship. He also shares his concerns about modern education and his vision for Noah Webster Educational Foundation.

“Every person in your community has been to school. They’ve attended school; some have had good experiences, some had bad experiences. Every person in your [community] believes that they know how school should work because they participated…That’s what makes school business so uniquely different than anything else.” — Jack Appleby, President of the Noah Webster Educational Foundation

Jack and Catherine discuss:

  • The important role of parents in schools, and how parental involvement has changed over the years
  • Collaborating with parents to create an individualized education plan for students
  • How Jack learned about school politics as a young principal—and created a top performing music program at the same time
  • Doing what’s best for students, regardless of pushback
  • Why school is like any business—and why it’s not
  • The role of grandparents in education, how schools can tap the wealth of resources grandparents bring to the table, and why—now more than ever—grandparents are an important piece in children’s lives
  • Jack’s book, First Choice: Changing The Habits of Education, and how the concept of “first choice” can revolutionize education
  • How is the Noah Webster Educational Foundation helping to change education? What vision does Jack have for its future?
  • Getting involved in school boards
  • Why we should ask questions, and how you can take advantage of the support we offer at NWEF
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