Avoid legal suits and protect the first amendment for school boards

Board’s Guide to Free Speech Preview

Kimberly Hermann shares how the 1st Amendment is one of our most fundamental constitutional rights

In today’s sometimes contentious environment, boards can struggle with the challenges of meeting agendas and allowing all stakeholders voice into the policies and practices of the district. Where are the lines that define good board practice and free speech? With an increase in legal suits over this matter, it is important to know what rights the First Amendment guarantees. In this session, you will be introduced to some foundational concepts of the First Amendment.

Kimberly Hermann serves as General Counsel for Southeastern Legal Foundation. Since 2009, she has been working with SLF where she has dedicated her legal career to the freedom-based law movement. Kim advances liberty through litigation in federal and state trial and appellate courts on issues ranging from government overreach, free speech, property rights, and economic liberty. Her work and that of Southeastern Legal Foundation is regularly covered by national media and you will frequently hear or see her on radio, podcasts, and television.

To learn more about her important work visit www.slfliberty.org

In this course, you’ll receive 3 main lessons, 1 bonus lesson, a certificate of completion, and a host of recourses to help you as you endeavor to tackle the youth mental health crisis in your community.
Avoid legal suits and protect the first amendment for school boards

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