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Hi parents! We appreciate you. You wipe noses, change dirty diapers, pack lunches, clap at the PreK Christmas play, and cheer at high school football games. But more than that, you’re the number one educator in your child’s life. They might spend a lot of time at school (unless you homeschool), but you’re the one who decides how their life will be shaped. You influence their values and priorities. Everything you do is teaching them something.

We want to support you on this journey. At NWEF, we believe in parent’s inherent responsibility for their children’s education. We believe in school choice and that parents should hold power over that education, not the government. Below you’ll find a comprehensive resource guide for parents that gives you the tools you need to parent well in a time when education seems to be against you.

Know Your State

Looking for homeschooling laws, school board member contact information, or info on the latest education legislation in your state? Head over to our interactive map and click on your state to learn more about how your school system works!

Podcast Resources for Parents:

Video Resources for Parents:

Article Resources for Parents:

Ebooks for Parents:

Did you know NWEF offers free ebooks for parents? Click here to explore our growing library of downloadable resources on various topics from homeschooling to navigating back-to-school stress. 

Courses for Parents:

If you need something a little more in-depth, we’ve got you covered! At our yearly summits, we invite experts, most of whom are parents themselves, to educate us on the problems we face in schools. Now we offer these sessions as courses for anyone who would like to learn more. Here are some of our favorites.

Raising Learners

Right now, the world is scary. Your teens, tweens, and toddlers are all facing an America that looks completely different from the one you grew up in. But there’s hope! School choice is making huge waves. Many parents are pulling their kids out of school and taking full responsibility for their education. Parents are attending school board meetings. Parents are even running for school board! We haven’t seen anything like this in the history of our country. Are you ready to take your place in this movement?

We hope this resource guide for parents is helpful to you. If you’re looking for content on a specific topic please contact us for more information.

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