What’s the deal with Social Emotional Learning? Is it helpful or harmful?

As a father himself, Alvin Lui has a personal stake in the fight against childrens’ indoctrination. That’s why he created Courage Is A Habit, which has a goal to expose the dangers of SEL, or Social Emotional Learning. In today’s episode, he talks about some of the resources his foundation offers to parents, school board members, teachers, and anyone who desires to take a stand. Do parents have the option to opt out of SEL? How does the school system really sneak Critical Race Theory and gender ideology into the classroom? Alvin answers all these questions and more.

“But if you don’t speak up and you make fear a habit, you will always feel alone and everybody around you will always feel alone because nobody’s speaking up. And these eight activists that are the loudest in your community will be able to bully everybody to look like they’ve got a bigger army than they do. But they don’t.” — Alvin Lui, founder of Courage Is A Habit

Here’s a recap of the episode:

  • What does “culturally responsive teaching” mean?
  • Alvin gives an example of how a simple math problem can be changed into a discussion about equity, race, or sexuality
  • Who gives SEL surveys at school? Who funds them? 
  • How SEL surveys help schools create mental health issues, which they use to strengthen their call for more surveys, more LGBTQ support, and more division
  • SEL surveys and data follow kids into adulthood—how you can opt your child out and end the cycle
  • School boards’ role in ending SEL indoctrination
  • Alvin says woke school counselors and social worker are some of the biggest threats to your kids
  • How can parents, teachers, school counselors, and school board members build habits of courage?
  • Forming relationships between these groups that enable each to stand up and speak, knowing that someone has their back
  • Alvin and Melvin’s final thoughts on Social Emotional Learning and empowerment for parents

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