What is the purpose of education? Today’s guest on The State of Education answers that question.

Jeff Keaton has an approach to education that is rare in today’s America: he believes the basis for a good education should start with a Christian worldview. Listen in as he breaks down his thoughts on Christianity, education, and society at large, details his work as president of RenewaNation, and gives us an exciting new perspective on the spread of Christian schooling in the U.S. 

“When you compare the Christian, or Biblical, worldview to all other worldviews, I consistently see it makes the most sense in reality, in the real world.” — Jeff Keaton, president of RenewaNation

Here’s a recap:

  • Jeff tells us a little more about himself, his long history in pastoring and education, and his interesting connection to our host, Melvin
  • What is RenewaNation? Jeff speaks about the tremendous growth the organization has recently seen and the exciting project ahead
  • Jeff defines “Christian education”
  • How does Jeff believe worldview shapes everyone’s thinking and what that means for education?
  • Why does Christianity and Christian education work so well in the real world?
  • What does it means to “bend back” the world to God’s design?
  • What is ahead for Christian young people in America?
  • Should parents be in charge of their children’s education? What happens when the government steps in? 
  • Jeff gives some interesting statistics about how much influence parents really have over their children in the modern world
  • Are Christian schools taking students and funds away from public schools?
  • The breakdown of truth and the transgender movement

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