When it comes to school budgets, where does all the money go?

Today’s guest, Ted Lamb, tells us about constricting federal policies that funnel funds from the classroom and into unnecessary things. But, as a school board member, Ted has had a front-row opportunity to speak out against poor spending. Follow along with today’s episode of The State of Education with Melvin Adams & learn what it takes to be on your local school board and how you can contend with unfair policies!

“For parents and grandparents who are raising children, I would say that we are living in a day and time where you have decisions to make about education with regards to what’s being pushed and what’s coming down in public education.  And that’s not going away! And you have to make the difficult decision: do I keep my children there and suffer the consequences?” — Ted Lamb, father and history teacher

Here’s a quick overview of the topics Ted discusses today:

  • The characteristics of a good school board member, including open-mindedness and being a person with strong core values
  • Ted’s opinion “that the highest priority of any [school] budget needs to protect and focus on the classroom”
  • Certain laws that are currently affecting public schools’ ability to hire teachers and purchase much-needed materials by channeling funds into pointless  programs
  • The problem behind standardized testing
  • Ted’s advice to parents and grandparents who are on the fence about what direction they should go with their children’s education, and his advice to teachers and school board candidates who want to make a difference

If you like what you’re hearing, stay tuned for our next episode on The State of Education with Melvin Adams. 

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