Can schools influence children to view their identity and their sexuality differently?

Today, Dr. Kenyon Knapp, Lori Kuykendall, and Thomas Turner join Melvin Adams on The State of Education to discuss the impact of transgenderism on children. America’s schools are fraught with struggle over this issue. Some teachers and school boards are encouraging confusion among young people, and in some cases children are being led to make life-changing decisions before they even reach puberty. What can parents and teachers do to reclaim the truth and guide their kids through a value system that will help them have a healthy mindset regarding their sexuality?

In today’s episode, our panelists answer that question and many others. Here are a few key topics debated on the episode:

  • Public education is one of the many cultural influences changing the way children think about identity and sexuality
  • Virginia and other states have pushed legislation that encourages  schools to use curriculum that affirms transgenderism 
  • Transgenderism in schools comes in many different forms, from pornographic books to cross-dressing to supporting transition surgery
  • The modern phenomenon of putting feelings first when it comes to medical decisions, therapy, and education rather than objectivity and science
  • The importance of affirming children’s identity and value instead of forcing them to make life-changing decisions before they’re fully developed
  • Focusing on pronoun policy versus addressing important issues such as good education and student safety
  • Parents’ responsibility to instill their personal values in their children

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