Are schools training kids to be weak-minded?

Ted Lamb—a high school history teacher—has noticed many declines in the school system throughout his 20+ year career. The purposeful formation of strong-minded students has suffered over the years, causing kids to suffer as a consequence. Ted isn’t letting this stop him from giving his students a quality education, though. In today’s episode, he explains to Melvin that in his classroom, the students are introduced to methods of real learning that help them form critical-thinking skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

“Ultimately, one of the roles of being a parent is that you are responsible for the education and the upbringing of your child. Where we have gone wrong is that we have said, ‘Oh, teachers [and the] public school system know what to do because they’re the experts.’ So we have piled a lot of things onto this system that was never intended to be.” — Ted Lamb, homeschool father and history teacher

Here are a few of the topics covered in today’s episode:

  • Highlights of Ted’s teaching career and the unique take he has on teaching history to special needs students
  • Declines in children’s resiliency and critical thinking skills
  • How schools are making it hard for students to work through learning challenges by holding them to low standards
  • Taking responsibility for your child’s education instead of trusting it to the “experts” who sometimes do not have students’ best interests in mind
  • Ted’s eye-opening experience as a school board member and the effects of virtual education during the COVID-19 pandemic

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