How do we change education for the better? Where do we even start? 

State Senator Patricia Rucker has a few ideas. Today she shares with Melvin Adams that as a student she was blessed with a great public school experience, and now in her legislative office, she seeks to make that a reality for all children in West Virginia. She does that by communicating with her constituents and fighting for legislation that provides exceptional resources for special needs children, educational choice, and much more! Listen in on today’s episode of The State of Education to learn how you can be a part of these vital tasks in your state!

“What matters to me is that I’m solving the problems that my constituents are facing and helping them find solutions, but I need to know what those problems are. Tell me what the problem is, and give me your suggestions or ideas.” — Senator Patricia Rucker

Here’s a recap of Patricia’s and Melvin’s conversation:

  • Almost immediately after Patricia Rucker and her family moved from Venezuela when she was a child, she and her parents began to give back to her public school, with her mom being elected PTA president, and Rucker  herself becoming student government president.
  • After teaching for a short time, Rucker became a stay-at-home mom and homeschooled her children.
  • Rucker knew her special needs children could not get the services she felt they deserved in a public school—which was instrumental in her decision to homeschool and run for Senator.
  • While she was running, Rucker noticed that the bureaucracy was controlling education in West Virginia, resulting in inefficiencies, wasted funds, and a resistance to change.
  • During her time in office, Rucker has experienced pushback from powerful teacher associations in her state.

Along with her story, you’ll also learn:

  •  What an Education Savings Account (ESA) program is and how it’s helping families in West Virginia
  • The healthy competition school choice creates and Rucker’s response to people who say that school choice defunds public schools
  • Lastly, the best ways to help your state representatives, whether you’re a parent, teacher, or concerned citizen 

If you like what you’re hearing, stay tuned for our next episode on The State of Education with Melvin Adams.


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