How did the school system get so messy? Maybe the seeds were planted a long time ago.

Today’s episode of The State of Education tells the story of KrisAnne Hall. She is an experienced author and speaker who champions the U.S. Constitution with a passion and fervor you don’t see everyday. Hall and her husband run an organization that focuses on educating American citizens about their government and the power of the people so that they can live well, vote well, and reclaim our culture for good. 

“We’ve allowed schools to creep in new definitions in which they are actually replacing the parent, legally, in the school. And that’s part of the design, right? To replace parents with education, which government agencies…the government school system is designed to teach that the government is the provider and protector and that the government is god.” — KrisAnne Hall, attorney and author

Here are a few of the topics Melvin and KrisAnne discuss today:

  • KrisAnne’s history as a biochemist, a Russian linguist in the U.S. Military, and, finally, her current status as an attorney and author who loves and defends the Constitution
  • What KrisAnne calls her “ministry in defense of the constitution of the United States,” which includes traveling around America educating people on what the federal and state constitutions “actually mean, not what they’re interpreted to mean” 
  • School choice, particularly homeschooling and its benefits and recent improvements 
  • How Marxists like John Dewey helped found the school system and create a environment where ideology could thrive
  • Parent’s natural and legal right to have “care, custody, and control” over their children, the problem of parents abdicating these rights to the school system, and why parents must be bold and persistent in taking them back
  • Questions people may have about parents’ vs childrens’ rights and how to understand when a parent’s right supersedes that of their child’s and vise versa
  • How to engage our local and federal government by not only voting, but learning about good government, educating ourselves about individual candidates, and more

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