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New Jersey parents recently blasted a local board of education after word spread that there was a student-performed drag show on campus, which only select faculty were invited to attend.

According to Libs of TikTok, who helped bring the issue to light, parents were outraged after learning that there was a secret student drag performance at the Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, New Jersey. The show was put on by a student club, P.U.L.S.E. (People Understanding Love Serves Everyone), and was led by a faculty adviser.

Parents and teachers alike took their concerns to the board once they found out what happened.

“Instead of our students being engaged in academic time, they were applying makeup and changing into their drag costumes. This was a loss of over 30 minutes of instructional time for these students,” said one teacher. She added that the event “created significant confusion, division, and resentment between students.”

“It looks like we’ve put a whole new meaning to the word adult entertainment here, haven’t we Board of Ed?” said one father. “Adult entertainment used to mean adults going to strip clubs watching other adults engaged in sexual behavior. Well, now thanks to this board, we see adult entertainment as a bunch of high school staff watching young children for their entertainment.”

He went on to say that the board members’ days are numbered, and the community will continue to hold them accountable for these actions.

The student drag performance was discovered after an email had been leaked to a parent group, The New Jersey Project. The email was sent from the faculty adviser, Heather Baldwin, which was meant for select staff as an “invite-only” event. Parents and students were reportedly not invited.

“The PULSE students are putting on an invite only (psst–this is your invite) Drag Show in the Little Theater block 5 today. If you would like to come and support the students in their efforts to create fun drag looks, please feel free to drop by and join us,” the email read.

Students in the club were taken out of the class to prepare for the performance. During the show, according to a witness, “A teacher stood watch outside the door to the theatre while the show was going on to ensure those not invited would not enter.” There was also a professional drag performer with the students.

While several came to share concerns over the performance at the Flemington Board of Education meeting, some came in support of it, even deeming it “beautiful.”

The school psychologist defended the performance, saying there is “tremendous value in the support offered by the PULSE club and events such as the drag show.”

On the other hand, one parent raised the concern about children being sexualized.

 “The question is, is this an academic institution or is this an ideological institution?” he said. “If I were to identify as an elephant, or wanted to change into an elephant, that would be okay if I was a toddler. But as an adult, a real academic institution would teach me that it was scientifically and biologically impossible. That would, in fact, be a mental disorder and I should be referred to for psychiatric help. Because in reality, a drag queen performance is sexually grooming children, and that’s unacceptable in this community.”

You can watch the entire board meeting here.

On November 26, a petition was created to remove the Hunterdon County superintendent, Dr. Jeff Moore. The petition has over 800 signatures. In contrast, a petition has been made in support of Moore, which has less than 250 signatures.

Meanwhile, the New Jersey Project also reports that the New Jersey Department of Education will eliminate a school’s ability to divide students up by gender for health education. In other words, guys and girls will learn about sex education together. The Department has had its meetings closed to the public due to health concerns.

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