Social Emotional Learning has crept into our schools, almost unnoticed. Is that good? Bad? Our guest today has some answers.

Has your child taken a survey in school that touched on inappropriate topics? Have they come across vulgar books in their school library? LGBTQ and Critical Race Theory talking points are everywhere in schools these days, even down to the earliest grades. That’s no secret. What is hidden from parents is that most of this teaching comes under the guise of Social Emotional Learning programs. In this episode, we’re doing a deep-dive into what SEL really stands for with our guest, Alvin Lui,  the founder of Courage Is A Habit.

“Courage Is A Habit creates tools and strategies for parents, grandparents, and legislators. We distill very complicated indoctrination tenets and programs down to information that any average parent can understand.” — Alvin Lui, founder of Courage Is A Habit

Alvin discusses:

  • His move from California to Indiana with his young family and the ideology they encountered in both states
  • How Courage Is A Habit got started and the vision Alvin has for it
  • How do you actually stop indoctrination in schools? By giving parents tools, not just knowledge.
  • Counteracting inappropriate activists with parental action
  • What is Social Emotional Learning (or SEL)?
  • The main danger of SEL: it seems helpful on the surface, but in reality it twists good virtues into political, gender, or race conversations
  • How can teachers turn something like empathy into an ideological discussion in their classrooms?
  • What does “culturally responsive teaching” mean?
  • We hear about data mining a lot; what is data mining and how are schools data mining children?
  • Who is getting children’s data, who is selling it, and how surveys are manipulated to create more opportunities for SEL to do its work
  • How SEL creates problems when kids grow up and enter the workforce

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