Children are exposed to transgenderism everywhere they turn and some of them are being caught up in it themselves.

Can parents remain neutral any longer as their children buy into the transgender lie? Today, Erin Friday unpacks some concerning facts: childhood transgenderism doesn’t work, and most parents don’t have the knowledge or support to stand up for their kids. But Erin doesn’t believe the situation is hopeless. She has some timely words of hope and many tips and resources to share. Plus, she answers questions such as: How do parents and teachers find the courage to do the right thing? What should you do to protect your child from gender dysphoria? How should you safely and effectively respond to rapid-onset gender dysphoria in your child?

“For parents out there, and grandparents, it’s really important for them to hold the line. For them to be the voice of reality with love, compassion. And understanding that these kids really feel what they feel. It’s not funny, it’s not a joke. They’re caught up in a cult…” — Erin Friday

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Erin talks to teachers and answers common questions such as: Is it right for teachers to tell children about transgenderism? Does it really save lives? Will teachers lose their jobs if they speak out?
  • It’s important for teachers to understand transgenderism and make sacrifices to protect children
  • What measures parents need to take to protect their children and understand what kind of content their children are consuming at school
  • Opting children out of classes and surveys 
  • How the medical community is benefiting from performing transgender experiments on children
  • Erin discusses the organization she leads in California and what it’s like to be a Democrat against  transgenderism in kids
  • Changing trans issues from a political to a moral discussion
  • How can parents begin to lead the conversation on transgenderism?
  • Erin talks about practical, day-to-day tips you can utilize if you’re also struggling with a gender-dysphoric child
  • And finally, Erin lists resources for families battling gender dysphoria 

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