If you’re interested in homeschooling or hoping to breathe new life into your rugged homeschooling journey, we have a great episode for you today.

Do kids really benefit from a “classical” education? Are homeschoolers antisocial? How can parents have real conversations with their kids? Katy Gallegos answers these questions and many more on the show today. Katy is a homeschool mom who’s influential in her local homeschool community through a curriculum called Classical Conversations. Listen in as she and Melvin discuss the ins and outs of homeschooling as well as the way Classical Conversations is helping kids get well-rounded educations.

“Whether you homeschool or public school or whatever you choose to do, your kids are getting a message and a certain direction that they’re being taught. I think it’s what the parents want their kids to learn, so it needs to come from those conversations with their parents, regardless of where they are educated. ” — Katy Gallegos

Here’s a quick recap of this episode:

  • Katy tells us a little about herself and her journey from Alaskan public school kid to homeschool mom
  • How homeschooling helps parents form solid values in their children and allows for deep, healthy relationships
  • How to equip—or “shoring up”—our kids to be sent off into a chaotic world
  • The role conversation plays in child-raising—and in homeschooling in particular
  • What do healthy conversations between parents and kids look like? How should parents handle awkward conversations?
  • The core principles of Classical Conversations and the “three phases of education”
  • How Classical Conversations provides community and support for homeschool families
  • Christianity’s role in education
  • Are more families seeking homeschooling today as a way to combat the culture?
  • Can older kids join Classical Conversations and thrive? Or do parents need to start when their children are small in order to get the best out of the curriculum?

If you like what you’re hearing, stay tuned for our next episode on The State of Education with Melvin Adams.

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