Modern alternatives to traditional colleges are sweeping across the country. Could these revolutionary ideas really be the future of higher education?

A college degree isn’t what truly leads to success in life. Instead, it’s your skills and motivation that play a pivotal role. Today, we are joined by Jonathan Brush, a former college administrator who has now become an educational innovator. He joins the podcast to discuss the issues he has recognized within traditional higher education and how he is addressing them through innovative, hands-on education via his organization, Unbound. In today’s world, numerous young individuals are not receiving a comprehensive educational experience. Non-traditional higher education might just hold the solution.

“Now, I’m a huge fan of academics and I’m a huge fan of people who need academic training…What was frustrating me was I watched the college that I worked for not be able to do what they were really good at because they were swamped with people who were there for the party or there for the job.” —Jonathan Brush, CEO of Unbound

In this episode, Jonathan and Melvin discuss:

  • Jonathan’s personal homeschool and traditional college experiences
  • His family, and how being a father led him to leave his college administration job and seek alternatives to traditional higher education
  • Are campus politics helping or hindering academics? Is the return on investment for college worth it for the majority of Americans?
  • Education is more than credentials—we need to prepare young people for the real world
  • Answers-based education vs question-based education: what’s the difference?
  • Should we throw college out the window, or is there a place for traditional academics?
  • Why being a Christian company is important to Unbound and why they invite people with different perspectives to participate in the program
  • Do all education systems have a worldview? Why is it important?
  • Being honest and unafraid when teaching or learning from a certain viewpoint
  • How to ask effective questions in education and why Unbound is centered around “question-based” learning

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