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Hey teachers! We appreciate all you do – from early morning set-up, days of slogging through the curriculum, to late nights of grading. You face a lot of challenges, not just with balancing responsibilities. If you’ve ever asked ‘How can you help your students learn what’s important in today’s ever-shifting environment?” then NWEF has the perfect teacher resource guide for you! 

At Noah Webster Educational Foundation, we love bringing together the best educators across the U.S. to create invaluable resources to help you do just that.

Know Your State

The most important place to start is knowing your own state school system. Are you familiar with your laws, leaders, and school choice options? Head to our interactive map and click on your state to find resources, stats, contact information, and more.

Podcast Resources For Teachers:

Video Resources For Teachers:

Article Resources for Teachers:

Mental Health Resources for Teachers:

Other Resources for Teachers:

Top Courses for Teachers:

Need something a little more in-depth? We offer a wide range of courses on the hottest topics in education, featuring some of the best people in the field. In these courses, you’ll hear from teachers, professors, parents, and school board members who have seen the problems simmering in classrooms like yours. And they want to help you fix them!

Shaping Hearts and Minds

You’re not just a teacher. You’re also a friend and a mentor. You have the power to influence a child’s inner world. 

In today’s fast-changing, tech-obsessed landscape, where Critical Race Theory seems more important than basic math skills, you can be a voice of reason. Let your classroom be a place to foster good values and a love of learning. Your students, their families, and your community need that. It’s time to change education — and teachers, you can help!

We hope this teacher resource guide was helpful to you. If you’re looking for content on a specific topic please contact us for more information.

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