For this week’s interview, we talked with Dr. Karen Hiltz.

She is a Navy veteran, had a career in Federal Procurement, taught business courses at the college level, served on private and public school boards, and has published many articles and two books on education. She has worked with several education nonprofits to help improve education for all children, including currently serving on the Board of Directors here at NWEF.

Dr. Hiltz has a BA and MBA in management and an Ed.D. in leadership studies. She and her husband Chuck (retired USMC) live in Florida and have 3 children, 4 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.

She engages with current educational issues and policies on her Facebook page “The Apple Report” and recently published her book The Apple Report: Diary of a Public School Board Member.

In this interview, Dr. Hiltz discusses the challenges facing teachers and administrators, education policies that sometimes have unintended negative consequences, the importance of school choice to address diverse student needs, how education is a business, how parents can get involved in their local school board, and much more.

Click here to watch the whole interview playlist with Dr. Hiltz, or select one of the short clips below to jump to a specific topic:

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