How do you rebuild after something so life-changing as the COVID-19 pandemic?

Schools everywhere are struggling after COVID, some more than others and each with their own struggles. Rural school districts have completely different needs than suburban or city districts. Bill Outlaw, school board member in Nottoway county, VA, shares about the needs and successes of his local district today on The State of Education.

“How is it that we have plenty of time to indoctrinate our children, but we don’t have the time to educate them?” — Bill Outlaw

Here are a few more of the topics covered in today’s episode:

  • Bill’s experience as a board member in a small school district
  • How COVID effected his community and the difficulty of navigating the government’s mandates during the shutdowns
  • The continuing effects of COVID shutdowns, including teacher shortages and the lack socialization in very young children, which are creating issues in classrooms
  • Where school funding comes from in small communities, in which grants, federal funding, and community tax dollars all play a part
  • How funding is allocated in a school budget and how state and federal spending mandates can create difficulties in funding certain departments in small, rural schools
  • Bill’s goal of keeping ideology out of his schools and, instead, focusing on the learning and behavioral problems that the COVID shutdowns created
  • Why public school is important for those in rural areas who have no other option, as well as Bill’s passion for school choice

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