What is the true purpose of education? A look at the Montessori Method may give us a hint.

Today, Melvin’s guest on The State of Education, Debe Terhar, shares about the holistic nature of education—and each child’s need to be taught that every facet of their life matters. As a mother, the former Ohio State School Board President, and a former Montessori educator, Debe has some wise input for parents seeking to help their young ones achieve wholeness and fulfillment in life.

“I look at education as a cultivation of—not only the cognitive—but the social, moral, and emotional aspects of a child. To be able to become a healthy, successful, mature individual who is then able to contribute to his family, community, and society in general.” — Debe Terhar

Topics covered in today’s episode include:

  • The Montessori method of education, which seeks to develop practical skills with hands-on activity, play, independence, and student interaction
  • The importance of early childhood education, and how it improves drop-out rates and shapes children into adults who contribute to society
  • The ways Montessori education fills the gaps for children who do not have the benefit of much parental interaction, and creates order in the chaos of these children’s lives
  • Debe’s journey from substitute teacher to President of the State Board of Education and her roles while serving as president
  • A state school board’s role vs a local school board’s duties
  • The emphasis today on cultivating children’s social functions and the neglect of cognitive education (such as reading, writing, and arithmetic)
  • The government’s influence in education and the conflicting messages today’s kids are getting at school and at home

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