Do you care if your child gets a quality education? Senator Steve Newman cares too. But there are education bureaucrats infiltrating the state governments who don’t.

The strength of a company lies with the quality of its leadership. Steve Newman learned this first hand while serving in the Virginia Senate and other elected positions, including his local city council. In 2010, he was instrumental in the Governor’s Higher Education Reform Commission  and coined the word “educrats” to describe those in government who are more interested in self-serving agendas than changing students’ lives. Join us today as Melvin and Steve discuss policy creation and how citizens can stand firm for reform.

“[Government officials have] moved more towards social discussions, and that’s where you end up with Critical Race Theory and other things coming in. Honestly, they’ve got plenty of time now because they don’t have to worry about math, history, science, and English.” — Senator Steve Newman

Here’s a quick recap of the topics covered in today’s episode:

  • Steve Newman’s career from Lynchburg City Council member to Virginia State Senator to businessman
  • The fascinating details of how Virginia’s state government works in relation to education
  • The ins and outs of Virginia’s education committees and boards, how funding is handled in different counties, and what “standards of quality” means
  • Steve’s own perspective on education’s true purpose and how low accountability, social agendas, and new methods have sabotaged that purpose 
  • The pervasiveness of self-serving bureaucrats, who often have the final say in educational policy, contrasted by the critical lack of advocates for quality education 
  • Bills that have been passed to further weaken the school system, such as a recent one that does not allow schools to fire teachers for incompetence alone
  • The problem with unelected “experts” who make recommendations for educational policy, which enables them to continue their social experimentation within the school system 

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