Have you ever wondered why Asian immigrants are so prominently represented in American STEM jobs? Indian immigrant and engineer Vinson Palathingal is a serial entrepreneur who lives in Fairfax County, Virginia. Vinson immigrated to America from Kerala, India because he wanted to build a stronger, better business in a free market. He has watched America outsource many jobs in the IT industry due to this country’s deficiency in STEM education. His passion is to help America strengthen its approach to STEM and begin leading the industry once again.

“We need to be self-reliant in science and technology. We cannot be dependent on foreign powers, or foreign countries for this. That is my primary interest in promoting science and technology.”  — Vinson Palathingal, entrepreneur and engineer

Here are a few of the topics Melvin and Vinson cover in this episode:

  • Why so many foreign students come to the United States to get higher education
  • The difference between America’s and India’s economic opportunities, business methods, freedoms, and views on personal responsibility
  • How a lack of rigorous education in the United States has led to outsourcing manufacturing and IT services to foreign countries
  • The need for the United States to be self-sufficient by training students in STEM subjects
  • The contrast in American and Asian teaching methods and why American methods are discouraging young people in their studies

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  2. […] Did you miss last week’s episode featuring Vinson? Catch up here. […]

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