In part two of our discussion with Vinson Palathingal, we get a glimpse of the impact of immigration on a person’s education and career opportunities. The lonely insecurity most immigrants experience drives them to be hardworking and successful, Vinson says. As a STEM graduate and school board member, he also has unique insight into maintaining excellent education and pursuing more STEM opportunities for all American students.

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“If ordinary parents are sitting on [school] boards, then whatever they do will be in the best interest of the children, the society, the community. But we’ve become too busy with our own regular, day-to-day things, and we don’t pay attention.” — Vinson Palathingal, entrepreneur and engineer

Here are a few of the topics Vinson talks about today:

  • Why many immigrants are hard-working, driven people
  • The lack of quality in public schools is hurting middle-class Americans
  • How ordinary citizens can come together to rebuild the school system and set higher standards for their children
  • Parents need to know the inner workings of the education system and pay more attention to local politics
  • In order for schools and school boards to operate properly, there must be parental input
  • Being active in your children’s education

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