We complain about kids’ growing ignorance—but what if it’s because we aren’t teaching them how to learn? 

When Dennis Gayness noticed that more and more students were suffering from ignorance he decided to do something about it. These students weren’t dumb—they weren’t being taught how to learn. Dennis, an experienced martial artist, made a discovery about the power of perfect practice and repetition in the process of learning. Today, he discusses with Melvin the importance of developing a plan to learn and how to implement the Rule of 3 in order to retain necessary knowledge. 

[K]ids coming out of high school today, and even coming out of college programs, are not prepared to perform at the level that they’re expected to on day one in their jobs.  And the reason why is because they’re not comprehending what they are learning in elementary school and in high school, and a lot even at the college level. Because we’ve changed the way we’re teaching. We’re not teaching to learn and comprehend, we’re teaching kids to pass a particular test.” – Dennis Gayness

Here are a few of the topics covered in today’s episode:

  • The repetition and practice it takes to become competent in martial arts are skills that can be applied to other subjects, making them valuable for all students to learn
  • The importance of having a plan when studying to reach education and career goals
  • Dennis’s study program, Rules of 3, and how repetition and structure create a foundation for information retention
  • Why are young people unprepared for the workforce after graduating? 
  • The concept of “perfect practice”
  • How Dennis learned that challenge creates focus
  • Comprehension depends on repetition and understanding the general idea of what you’re studying, then digging into specifics later on
  • Developing structure and discipline in the home creates an environment of security and focus for children to thrive in
  • Why a plan for positive reinforcement and step-by-step repetition must be implemented in the classroom as well as at home 

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