America’s education system is in a nosedive. Critical race theory, gender ideology, and weak educational philosophies are taking their toll on today’s generation of children. 

The state of education didn’t get this way overnight. And it won’t improve overnight—but those who commit to making change will see it, little by little. That’s what Ian Prior reminds us of on The State of Education podcast today. He is closely involved in organizations like Fight for Schools and America First Legal that are fighting to correct the wrongs in the system and support parents, teachers, and students.

“It is going to take a long time, it is going to take a decade, maybe more, to make sure that our educational system is doing right by our children and is depoliticized. It should not be political at all. It should be about building children’s foundations so that when they get to the point that they’re adults, they’re critically thinking about issues on their own, through their own experiences, through looking at source materials, and being able to go out there and be the future leaders of America” — Ian Prior, attorney and former Department of Justice official 

Today, Ian and Melvin talk about:

  • The truth about the Loudoun County situation and where we are today 
  • Strategies that have worked for Ian in his fight for transparency and safety in schools
  • Who you should talk to when you’re concerned about policies or curriculum in your child’s school
  • Going public with your concerns; whether that means getting the media involved or simply making other parents aware of what’s going on in your local schools
  • Asking good questions about your school board candidates and what Ian’s organization, Fight For Schools, is doing to help
  • How America First Legal is getting involved in holding schools and corporations accountable for discriminating based on woke ideologies and pushing back against parental rights
  • What Ian believes are the core tenants of a quality education
  • The shift from teaching children the facts to more politicized views on history and literature 
  • Education’s real purpose and, as Ian puts it, we’re in a “righteous fight” to win it back

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  • If you’re looking for a firm that upholds American principles and supports Americans inside a limited government, check out America First Legal

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