Today we’re finishing up our discussion with Sherri Story and Cheryl Facciani, who are uniting school board members with their new alliance.

Some school board members don’t even know that they have decision-making power. Why is that? On today’s episode, Sherri Story and Cheryl Facciani give us an answer to that question. They believe school board members can and should be empowered to act on behalf of their communities, not be silenced by associations and superintendents. They also have some incredible personal stories to share with us that illustrate the importance of standing firm in your convictions.

“Who produces those children are the parents, not the teachers, the professionals. They absolutely, foundationally, have the decision-making. I don’t know how we got lost in that process. I don’t know when anybody decided the teachers or the administration or the staff take ownership of our children.” — Cheryl Facciani

Here’s a recap of the episode:

  • Sherri talks about how the School Board Member Alliance was formed and finally launched in 2022.
  • Cheryl tells how she began cold calling to find like-minded school board members, finally ending up finding Sherri and the Noah Webster Educational Foundation.
  • Melvin and Cheryl discuss the reasons why they think school board members are feeling lost and unsupported.
  • Is bullying limited only to the playground? Does it reach even to the school board level?
  • How  school board members really feel about transparency and what needs to change to create an environment that fosters collaboration between parents and board members.
  • Should school board members adopt policies that come down to them from the state school board without questioning anything? What is a local school board’s job regarding policy that directly affects their constituents?
  • Sherri tells us why she thinks school board members should listen to parents before they listen to anyone else.
  • Schools are built for children, not teachers—does that mean teachers get to make the ultimate decisions? Or parents?
  • Some of SBMA’s immediate goals and projects they’re working on—including events, legal help, training, and more.
  • Is America ready for a change in public education? 

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