Yesterday, conservative leaders released a memo opposing the Biden administration’s proposed amendments to Title IX that would redefine “sex” as “sex stereotypes, sex-related characteristics, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

The memo, which was put together by the Conservative Action Project, also urged citizens to participate in the Education Department’s public comment period as every school that receives federal funding will be impacted by any changes to Title IX.

Conservatives vehemently oppose the Biden administration’s radical attempt to rewrite Title IX,” the memo said. “Whether it’s the deluded insistence that men can get pregnant, the intentional effort to replace mothers with the phrase ‘pregnant people,’ or the inability to even define a woman, the Biden administration’s Title IX proposal is merely the latest illustration of the left’s woke war on women–a war that through both policy proposals and institutional capture seeks to erase women from civil society.”

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The memo continued, “With its new Title IX rule, the Biden administration is pursuing a radical agenda and proposing a change to our laws and to our educational system that will do irreversible and long-lasting harm to women, girls, the wrongly accused, our faith institutions, and freedom of speech. With such a transformative proposal under consideration, it’s imperative that citizens take action to defeat it.”

Some of the amendments that the leaders took issue with were that by having access to their restrooms, locker rooms, and dorms, men could violate women’s basic privacy, and that religious institutions would lose protections if they had beliefs contrary to the Title IX changes. 

The entire proposed regulations from the Education Department to Title IX can be found on this fact sheet and this chart

While the National Education Association (NEA) said the proposals “would help fulfill the promise of this landmark civil rights legislation,” the Conservative Action Project memo said that the “Department of Education’s proposed rule aims to destroy the very purpose of Title IX.”

Organization leaders that oppose the Title IX amendments include Morton C. Blackwell of the Leadership Institute, Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America, and Kevin Roberts of the Heritage Foundation. You can read the entire memo here.

Participate in the Public Comment Period

The Department of Education is required by law to take written public comments when considering a new regulation. The public comment period for the Title IX amendments closes on September 12, 2022. 

Do you think Title IX should change? Let your voice be heard in the Department’s public comment link available here.


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